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Blockheads Motorcycles


  Blockheads is pleased to announce the availability of the "Blockheads Bobber".  Well what is it?   In short its whatever you want it to be!  You can start with a roller and add as many or few components as you like.  You can do the work yourself, have me do the work or something in between.  You can use all new parts, rebuilt, used parts or some combination of them, I have them all.

Best news of all,  every "Blockheads Bobber" comes with a clean New Jersey title!!  No more handful of M.S.O.'s and countless trips to Motor Vehicle and the hassles of passing the inspection only to receive a salvage or reconstructed title.

No problems with insurance or registration.

Pricing.....exact cost will be determined by chosen components but prices start at $5000.

For those of you thinking about a Trike Kit come on in and talk to me.  Blockheads is a dealer for all the top vendors.  One of our favorites allows you to retain your bags and tour pack , most don't.